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Allow your students to develop self-confidence and explore various new media and approaches to enrich and extend the art, and in some cases, also the history and math curricula. Several workshops are available to instruct your students in a wide variety of engaging topics. In-class workshops are inquiry-based, hands-on as well as instructional. Please note that ALL workshops can be adapted so that students of all needs can be accommodated, inspired and included. Special discounted rates may apply for smaller M.E. Classes, please inquire.  

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Catch Scratch Fever!

Students will discover the basics of scratchboard, with techniques and tips to create their very own 8x10 scratchboard art! Explore the elements of line, composition, texture, and positive-negative space. Several motivational examples will be presented and a brief history of scratchboard will be provided. All supplies are included. Suitable for grades 7 and 8. Half-Day Workshop & Instruction. $325

Grade 8 Student art

Grade 8 Student art

Grade 8 Student art

Make it Move!

Do you find your students get frustrated with "static" drawings and long to express movement within them, but don't know how? This workshop will help students add movement and action to their drawings and help them gain a better understanding of body proportions and the body in motion. We will explore poses, action lines, proportions, perspective and discover techniques and tricks to make pictures come alive. All supplies are included. Suitable for grades 4 through 6. Half-Day Workshop & Instruction. $300

It's All Shapes to Me! 

Have you heard your students say "but I can't draw a ....."? This workshop is the ideal solution! Starting with basic shapes and a fun, child-friendly, step by step method, this workshop will guide your students and give them the confidence and skill to draw ANYTHING they want! We will explore composition, line, patterns, and form in an engaging, practical way and learn useful techniques along the way. All supplies included. Fully adaptable for grades 1 through 5. Half-Day Workshop & Instruction. $300

All About Me!

Students will learn facial and body proportions to create their very own 8x10 pastel or crayon portrait. They will gain the confidence and skills to realistically represent the human body in their drawings and artwork. Enriches the Catholic curricula for one's unique importance in life, family and community. Includes instruction on some cartooning techniques. Requirement: a photocopied picture of each student's face, enlarged to 8x10 size (perfect quality NOT important). All other supplies included. Fully adaptable for grades 2 through 5. Half-Day Workshop & Instruction. $300

Colour Me Blue!

An exploration of colour mixing, colour families and the moods they convey. Students will paint a number of pictures with various colour families to learn how colour can affect mood and impact the picture. Watercolour painting techniques are discovered and their own colour wheel will be created. Recommended: due to the use of paint, it is recommended that students provide their own aprons. All other supplies are included. Fully adaptable for grades 1 through 4. Half-Day Workshop & Instruction. $300

It's a Matter of Perspective

This engaging workshop explores the various types and techniques of perspective in a step-by-step yet fun and friendly manner. Students will produce pictures with Worm's Eye View and Birds Eye View as well as basic One-Point and Two-Point Perspective. Students will explore techniques to add depth and dimension to their artwork. Though math skills are not required, this workshop will augment the curricula through the importance of proportion, relation, pattern and sequential planning. Students require a straight edge ruler, pencil and eraser.  All other supplies are included. Suitable for grades 6 through 8. Half-Day Workshop & Instruction. $300

In the Shadows

Bring drawings to life with this illuminating workshop! Techniques to add the illusion of light, form and depth will be explored, along with various shading techniques. Students will learn how to add a light source to their drawings to achieve more realism. Various 8x10 Still Life drawings will be made by each student in pencil, pastel and crayon. All supplies are included. Fully adaptable for grades 3 through 8. Half-Day Workshop & Instruction. $300

Mastering the Masters

This inspirational workshop will explore paint and drawing techniques used by the Masters. Works from two Classic Artists will be presented and their unique style will be discussed, explored and "reproduced" by each student. Students will create two 8x10 pieces in the manner of each featured artist. Artists may include VanGogh, Picasso, The Group of Seven, Rubens, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo etc.  It is recommended that each student provide their own apron. All other supplies included. Fully adaptable for grades 5 through 8. Half-Day Workshop & Instruction. $300

Grade 8 Picasso inspired art

Grade 8 Group of Seven inspired art

Grade 8 Picasso inspired art

Terms & Conditions

Deposit of $100 payable upon registration, please use PayPal button above. Balance due upon class date. Payable with cheque or cash. Cancellation with minimum one week notice subject to cancellation fee. Prices based on class size of 20 - 25 students. Additional charges may apply for classes with more than 25 students. ArtwithMira reserves the right of cancellation. Please note, all material and descriptions are Copyright protected. No recording materials permitted during workshops. Workshops are currently being offered only in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario).