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Paverpol Workshops

Come and create with Paverpol! Anyone can - no experience necessary! Supplies are provided. See Schedule.

A workshop can be created just for you - perfect for a small group Craft Party, Birthday Party, or Friendly Get Together!! Evening classes can be arranged. New Mini-Workshops that take only 2 - 3 hours have been added and can easily be arranged for after school, or evening times. Please note, we regret our Toronto workshop is not currently wheelchair accessible. 

Register for a Workshop by making a deposit now!



ALL workshops now include FREE COMPLIMENTARY GOURMET COFFEE OR TEA while you create a lasting treasure on a day and time that is convenient to you - it's easy! Why not create while you have coffee?

CHOOSE your PROJECT from those offered below, then

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Please email or call for dates

Please email or call for dates

CONTACT me by email or phone, or Paypal button above, to register for your workshop! 

Standing Figure Statues

Bring them home on the same day!

Basic Statue


(Approx. 22" Tall)

Transform a t-shirt into a unique piece of art! Your choice of pose on a basic stand. This is an excellent introductory class to the magic of Paverpol!

(5 hour class)

Scarf Lady


(Approx. 22" Tall)

Use your own colourful scarf (a memento perhaps?) to create a unique and personal statue. Scarf will be dipped into clear Paverpol to showcase the colours and beauty of your own scarf. Makes a cherished memorial gift! (5-6 hour class)



(Approx. 22" Tall)

Create a dancing ballerina with invisible support. Previous experience with Paverpol sculptures strongly recommended.

(5 hour class)

ExtraTall Lady


(Approx. 25" Tall)

Create a beautiful extra-tall figurine! (Sculpture pictured is a jewelry holder, accessories not included)

(5-7 hour class)

Seated Statues

Bring them home on the same day!

Seated Figure


(Approx. 22" Total Height)

Transform a t-shirt into a seated statue for a mantle or shelf.

(5 hour class)

Seated Figure on Object


(Approx. 18" Tall)

Bring an item for your figure to sit on (a candlestick or something sentimental?) to create a cherished statue.

(5 hour class)



(Approx. 18" Tall)

Make a mesmerizing mermaid! Use items from your last vacation such as rocks or shells, or perhaps something sentimental to sit on. Two versions are pictured.

(5 - 6 hour class)

Outdoor Garden Figures

With the addition of Paverplast, these figures are completely weatherproof!

Enjoy them in your garden all year long!

Canada Goose

$ 225

(Approx. 16" Tall)

Celebrate Canada by creating a life-like figure to proudly display in your garden! Features three Paverpol colours.

(10 hour class, divided over 2 days)



(Approx. 4' - 5' Tall)

Create an impressive and dynamic Heron bird to become the focal point of your garden!

(10 - 12 hour class, divided over 2 days)



(Approx. 3' Tall)

Transform a white t-shirt into this majestic bird to "fly" in an outdoor space.

(10 hour class, divided over 2 days)

Art Deco Bouquet


(Approx. 3' Tall)

Make a stunning ever-lasting bouquet featuring two 5"-7" flowers and approx. 7 leaves.

(5 - 6 hour class)

Pot-Sitter Fairy


(Approx. 18" Tall)

This charming fairy can sit in an outdoor flower pot or on your balcony!

(5 - 6 hour class)​



(Approx. 12" Tall)

Create a friendly guardian for your outdoor space.

Features jewel eyes and painted accents.

(5 - 6 hour class)

Garden Toad


(Approx. 10" Tall)

A happy toad to watch over your flowers. Ideal for beginners. Features a rough sandy texture.

(5 hour class)

Multiple Figures

These figure groupings can celebrate your special relationships. Make one for Mother's or Father's Day!

Seated Duo


(Approx. 10" Tall)

Create a unique and loving statue on a stand of your own, something sentimental perhaps? Use an item of clothing that is meaningful to you.

(5 - 6 hour class)

Standing Duo


(Approx. 14" Tall)

Your choice of pose makes this duo a thoughtful gift. Use an item of clothing that is meaningful to you.

(5 - 6 hour class)

Extra Tall Duo


(Approx. 27" Tall)

An elegant extra tall figurine with a child figure in a dramatic pose chosen by you. Previous experience with Paverpol strongly recommended.

(5 - 7 hour class)

Wedding Cake Toppers

Just in time for wedding season! Make a memorable statue duo to sit on top of a wedding cake.

A loving gift/gesture from the mother or father of the bride/groom.

Cake Toppers

$ 140

(Approx. 10" - 12" Tall)

Create a beautiful cake topper for any wedding cake! Add details unique to the individual couple to celebrate their union. A loving and sentimental keepsake after the wedding event. Three versions are pictured.

(7 - 9 hour class, divided over two days) 

Decor Items

There are a variety of decor items you can make with Paverpol. Colours include Bronze, Black, Patina or Grey.

Make something unique for your home or office, or as a welcome hostess gift.

Time Flies Wall Clock


(Approx. 12" diameter)

Make your own fully functioning wall clock with dramatic Paverpol accents! 8" diameter clock is included (may differ slightly from picture, depending on availability), or transform an existing one!

(2 hour class)

Wall Mirror


(Approx. 16" diameter)

Create this elegant mirror for your foyer, office, or other room. 6" mirror is included or transform your own existing one!

(2 hour class)


$25 - $45

(Approx. 3" - 8" Tall)

Stunning yet simple, vases are a quick yet rewarding beginners, teens or group/party event class. Several colours available.

(1 - 2 hour class)

Heart in a Box


(Approx. 7" x 9")

Create a one of a kind piece of wall art or sentimental gift. 8"x10" frame included. Ideal for beginners, teens or group/party event.

(2 hour class)​



(Approx. 12" x 5")

Turn fabric strips into a lasting free-form bouquet. Several colours available. Ideal beginners, teens or group/party event.

(2 - 3 hour class)

Framed Floral

$70 - $80

(Approx. 14" x 6")

Beautiful flowers in a frame that is included (may differ from picture depending on availability). Several colours available.

(2 - 3 hour class)


Give someone an ever-lasting rose that you made yourself!

Perfect for a special loved one or for a Birthday, Graduation, Prom-Posal or Mothers Day.

Any batchelors care to make a unique proposal with their creation?

Available in a wide variety of colours.

Rose - close up

$25 for one

(Approx. 2" bloom, 12" long)

Intricately beautiful and no thorns!

A cherished gift or keepsake.

(1 hour class)

Rose Trio

$50 for any one person to make three roses

Great value! Give as a trio or as three separate gifts. Same size.

(1 - 2 hour class)

Rose - close up

$25 for one

(Approx. 2" bloom, 12" long)

So lifelike, so special!

(1 hour class)


Create one of a kind accents for your home/office. Ideal for beginners, teens or a fun group/party event.

Wall Mask


(Approx. 10" x 7")

A simple yet dramatic project. An ideal introduction to the magic of Paverpol! Colours available. Base mask is 8"x5".

(2 hour class)

SteamPunk Mask


(Approx. 8" x 5")

Turn fabric strips and embellishments into a unique mask featuring the new SteamPunk trend! Colours available.

(2 hour class)

Miniature Mask

$20 for one or any one person can make three for $45

(Approx. 3" x 3")

Little plaster faces make adorable mini masks. Endless possibilities. Colours available. Make several for gifts or gift tags! (1 - 2 hour class)

Tiny Treasures

These mini workshops are ideal for beginners, children, teens or a fun group/party event.

Marvellous Miniature


(Approx. 10" - 12")

All the drama and expression of their taller standing-statue counterparts but with less time and expense. Three versions pictured.

(4 hour class)

Small Bird


(Approx. 4" x 4")

Create this cute little bird using a brush technique (minimal tactile involvement). Choice of eye colour. Sandy texture.

(2 hour class)



(Approx. 7' X 5")

A piece of Canadiana. Features a brush technique (minimal tactile involvement). Customize by assembling "rocks" as desired. Sandy texture. Two versions pictured.

(2 hour class)

Tall Birds

$35 for one or any one person can make two for $60

(Approx. 13" x 3")

Whimsical bird is fun to create. Colours available. Different types of birds possible (eg. cardinals).

(2 - 3 hour class)

Terms & Conditions

$40 Deposit required with registration. Payment by PayPal button above. Balance due upon class date. Cancellation within minimum 48 hours notice subject to cancellation fee. ArtwithMira reserves cancellation rights. Regrettably, facilities are not wheelchair accessible.

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