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Personal testimonials from Paverpol Sculpture Workshop participants:

"Our 3 hour (Group) Workshop was such a delightful, fun, relaxing way to spend an afternoon with my sisters and mom! Mira is a fabulous, patient, knowledgeable, extremely talented teacher! Each of our sculptures was as unique as we are. If I can create such a beautifully unique sculpture, so can you!" R.K.

"Mira provided kind and experienced guidance through the whole process. The results of my first project thrilled me because I didn't think I could make art. I kept saying to myself over and over "I made this!, Wow!"

My first project turned out so well, I made two more sculptures for gifts -- everyone loves them!

I enjoyed the sculpture process so much, I invited a friend to do a project with me and Mira. My friend, who "doesn't have an artistic bone in her body", made a beautiful sculpture and is wanting to make more with Mira.

The magic happens when the Paverpol is applied and dried - astonishing!" C.M.

"Your workshop was an awesome experience. Your instructions were clear, your assistance invaluable and the entire day was filled with great conversation, coffee and camaraderie." E.H.

"I surprised myself with my creativity! What a fun experience! I have told so many of my friends about the positive experience we had. I want them to experience it too!" R.K.

"Greatly enjoyed the workshop and highly recommend it to beginners. Thank you again!" P.F.

"Mira guided me with great patience through my first experience of making a Paverpol statue. While working on my “Frisian Lady” statue, Mira provided me with an unbelievable number of helpful tips and explanations and shared many of her own learnings with me. Mira is an excellent coach and after each working session, I left her studio with a smile on my face and a hop in my step. Creating a statue with Mira was a fabulous experience and ended with a statue I am proud of. I’m truly looking forward to working with her again." A.B.

Personal testimonials from Private Art Students: 

"Mira is an incredible art teacher and one of the most patient and kind people I have ever met. Her lessons are very helpful and professional, and it's always wonderful to come down and visit her! If you ever need art lessons for any reason, Mira is the one you should come to - I highly recommend!" K.Y.

"I've been going to Mira's art studio for the past 5 years. She is very professional and passionate about teaching and helping art students. Classes with her are the most enjoyable, with a welcoming and homey atmosphere. Mira has helped me prepare my portfolio for my audition to Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, and introduced me to a variety of different medias including sculpture, watercolour, ink, and painting. I highly recommend Mira's art studio." V.L.

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